Robotics Ph.D. Student Named 2021 Adobe Research Fellow

Joanne Truong, a second-year robotics Ph.D. student, has been selected as a 2021 Adobe Research Fellow in the Intelligent Agents and Assistants area.

Truong’s research focuses on the next generation of artificially intelligent agents in sim2real, robotics, and embodied artificial intelligence (AI) spaces. This research helps robots physically interact with their environments to improve human’s quality of life, or virtual agents that can inspire creativity through demonstrations and conversations.

“By developing intelligent AI in simulation that can be generalized to reality, I hope to accelerate robotics research and enable other AI researchers and students to contribute to robotics developments even without access to physical hardware,” said Truong, who is advised by Assistant Professor Dhruv Batra and Associate Professor Sonia Chernova, both of whom are affiliated with the School of Interactive Computing and Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech.

[Meet ML@GT: Joanne Truong is Developing Robots for Complex, Real World Situations]

Fellowship recipients are selected based on their research, technical skills, how their work would contribute to Adobe, and personal communication and leadership skills. The fellowship awards Truong $10,000, a one-year Creative Cloud subscription, and the opportunity to interview for an internship at Adobe.

Truong says she is excited to put a dent in her student loans, and to try out Premier Pro within Creative Cloud.

“A large part of research is communicating our work and a good figure or demo video helps a lot! I’m excited to try out Adobe’s photo and video editing apps for my future papers and supplementary videos,” said Truong.

Press Contact:

Allie McFadden | Communications Officer |

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