Home Depot Deep Learning Competition At Georgia Tech

A couple of weeks ago, Home Depot hosted a Deep Learning competition, in partnership with The Agency (the undergraduate ML club) and the Big O Theory club. Here’s a note from the organizers about the event:

Teams of Georgia Tech students spent nearly 24 hours starting the evening of Friday, April 14th, racing to produce the best results on five challenging deep learning problems in a competition hosted by The Home Depot, Big O Theory Club, and The Agency. The problems included time series prediction, image generation, determining the gender of speakers, determining which department a product belongs to based on the product’s image, and determining which search engine would return the best results for different search terms. Fueled by cookies, coffee, energy drinks, the teams produced remarkable results. Two teams completed all three challenges, and the best submissions used cutting-edge loss functions, fine-tuning techniques, data sampling algorithms, and time series analysis techniques to produce incredible results. The winners are as follows:

1st Place: Yuyu Zhang, Hanjun Dai, and Weiyang Liu, PhD students under Prof. Le Song, who each won GTX1080 graphics cards

2nd Place: Raphael Gontijo Lopes, Saurabh Kumar, and Robby Guthrie, undergraduates who each won drones

3rd Place: Shang-Tse Chen, Siddharth Gururani, and Chih-Wei Wu, graduate students in Music Science and Technology who each won Arduino development kits.

We hope to host this competition again this fall, and are looking forward to presenting even more interesting problems and seeing the awesome solutions the Georgia Tech machine learning community creates.

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