Thought Leaders to Address How Bias and Lack of Diversity Impact Data, Software, and Institutions

This month, the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) will virtually host a panel discussion on how bias and lack of diversity in the workforce impact the technology industry and higher education.

The panel will feature thought leaders from higher education and the industry, including Charles Isbell, dean of Computing at Georgia Tech and a ML@GT faculty member. Isbell will be joined by Georgia Tech alumnus Rapha Gontijo Lopes, co-founder of Queer in AI, organizer of Radical AI and AI resident at Google Brain, as well as Tiffany Deng, program management lead for machine learning fairness and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) at Google. The panel will be moderated by ML@GT Associate Director Deven Desai.

Tiffany Deng, Google program management lead for machine learning fairness and responsible artificial intelligence (AI)

The panel will address how deep-rooted issues of bias, inclusion, and diversity impact datasets, the software that’s built from those datasets, and how institutions often perpetuate these issues. They will answer questions regarding allyship, how to diversify the professoriate, and the implications of not addressing these issues in tech.

“As we train the next generation of machine learning and AI pioneers, we want to ensure that they are working to resolve these issues and taking them into account when building new products. That starts with having honest conversations with our students about the consequences of not being thoughtful with the immense power and responsibility that they have as technologists. These are long-standing issues that are difficult to solve, but ones that ML@GT wants to continue putting attention on until they are resolved,” said Irfan Essa, ML@GT executive director.

The event will take place virtually on Nov. 20 from 12-1 p.m. ET. It is open to all Georgia Tech students, staff, and faculty and interested members of the public. Registration is required and available here. Additional event details available on ML@GT’s website.

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