Few-shot Learning with Meta-Learning: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead


Hugo Larochelle, a researcher at Google Brain, recently visited Georgia Tech’s campus as a part of the Machine Learning Center’s Fall Seminar Series. Larochelle drew an enormous crowd with students and faculty filling up the room, leaving many audience members standing or sitting on any patch of carpet they could find.

During his talk, “Few-shot Learning with Meta-Learning: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead” Larochelle discussed a promising framework known as meta-learning. Meta-learning is an exciting concept because even though there has been a lot of progress made in AI in recent years, that is mainly due to the availability of large quantities of data that machines can learn from. Meanwhile, humans are able to learn concepts from much less data or a few examples.

Larochelle presented some of the most recent research in this area, including his own progress, as well as the challenges and research opportunities that are available.

To watch a video recording of Larochelle’s talk please click here.

To see what else is on the schedule for ML@GT’s Fall Seminar Series please visit our website.

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