Devi Parikh gives a seminar to celebrate her IJCAI 2017 Computers and Thought Award.

IMG_1554ML@GT hosted a special a seminar & a reception to celebrate Devi’ Parikh’s IJCAI’s 2017 Computers and Thought Award. She will give a talk about her work and there will be a reception to celebrate her award.

Date/Time: 9/5/2017 @ 3-4pm with a reception following to celebrate this award.

Location: The Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB), CHOA Room

The Computers and Thought Award is presented at IJCAI conferences to outstanding young scientists in artificial intelligence. It is considered to be “the premier award for artificial intelligence researchers under the age of 35”. Her award citation reads “Professor Parikh is recognized for her contributions at the intersection of words, pictures, and common sense — from semantic image understanding to the use of visual attributes for human-machine collaboration and visual abstractions for learning common sense, to enabling humans to interact with visual content via natural language.”

Join us to hear her talk that she gave at IJCAI 2017, Aug 19-25 in Melbourne, Australia, about her ongoing research in this area, and stay for a small reception to celebrate her success.

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