Welcome The Agency, the undergraduate AI/ML club at Georgia Tech


The Agency is an undergraduate AI/ML club at Georgia Tech. Here is a short introduction to The Agency, from the members of this club.

We are a hub for connecting undergraduate students with the machine learning community at Tech. Every week, we present talks on machine learning/artificial intelligence. These range from undergraduates lecturing on interesting concepts in the field to professors/graduate students presenting their research.

Beyond our weekly lectures, we give people the resources to do machine learning research. For instance, we organize larger events, such as our recent workshop on TensorFlow, and offer dedicated computing resources for undergraduates to train learning models. We also host a deep learning paper reading group that meets every two weeks.agencyblurbformlgt_pdf__page_2_of_2_

Furthermore, we also work on projects such as Buzzmobile, an autonomous vehicle modeled after the Rambling Wreck. Buzzmobile has a purely reactive control architecture, built entirely in ROSpy. Other shorter-term projects we’ve worked on in the past include various game AIs and applications of different AI and ML algorithms and models, such as RNNs for lyrics generation or simulated annealing for prettifying graphs.

Many of our members and officers are already doing undergraduate research in the field of Machine Learning. We are hoping to grow this community of undergraduate researchers by providing our members with the resources of and connections to ML labs (or labs that can use ML).

If you’d like to know more about us, please visit our website, join our Slack, or like our Facebook page. Or feel free to get in touch with our External Relations officer, Raphael Gontijo Lopes.

We welcome The Agency to ML@GT family.

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