ML@GT at AAAI 2017. Some highlights

ML@GT was well represented at AAAI 2017, the premiere conference on AI, held Feb 4-9, 2017 in San Francisco, CA 2017.  Here are some highlights from this conference.

  • Frank Dellaert, a professor in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing, will receive the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Classic Paper Award in February at AAAI 2017 in San Francisco, Calif. The award will recognize his work on the Monte Carlo Localization algorithm in an AAAI 1999 paper, Monte Carlo Localization: Efficient Position Estimation for Mobile Robots. In addition to Dellaert, co-authors on the paper included first author Dieter Fox, Wolfram Burgard, and Sebastian Thrun.
  • Following papers appeared in the main conference
    • Jacob Eisenstein “Unsupervised Learning for Lexicon-Based Classification” (arXiv link)
    • Brian Hrolenok, Byron Boots, and Tucker Balch “Sampling Beats Fixed Estimate Predictors for Cloning Stochastic Behavior in Multiagent Systems” (PDF Link)
    • Yexiang Xue, Xiaojian Wu, Dana Morin, Bistra Dilkina, Angela Fuller, J. Andrew Royle, Carla P. Gomes, “Dynamic Optimization of Landscape Connectivity Embedding Spatial-Capture-Recapture Information” (PDF Link)
    • Yosef Razin and Karen Feigh, “Learning to Predict Intent from Gaze During Robotic Hand-Eye Coordination”
  • Conference Committee
    • Members of the AAAI Executive Council: Charles Isbell and Sonia Chernova,
    • Cognitive Systems Track Co-chairs: Ashok Goel, Mark Riedl
    • Computational Sustainability Track Co-chair: Bistra Dilkina
    • Video Competition Co-chair: Charles Isbell
  • Invited Presentations:
    • EAAI-17 Invited Talk by Ayanna Howard on “Designing Assistive Robots and Technologies for Pediatric Care”
    • AAAI/EAAI Outstanding Educator Award Lecture by Sebastian Thrun “Democratizing Education— Why Not?”
    • EAAI-17 Panel: AI for Education Moderated by Sheila Tejada (University of Southern California) Panelists: Yolanda Gil (USC Information Sciences Institute), Ayanna Howard (Georgia Tech), Peter Norvig (Google), Mehran Salami (Stanford University), and Sebastian Thrun (Udacity, KittyHawk, Stanford, Georgia Tech)

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